April 2017

"Poalim for a Business of One's Own"
A collaboration between EEW and Hapoalim bank has resulted in the opening of three "A Business of One's Own" business training and personal empowerment programs for Arab women in Sachnin, Nazareth and Baka El Garbiya. The festive opening of the three programs took place on March 26th at the Nazareth branch of the bank with the attendance of representatives from the bank, EEW staff, the program's facilitators and participants from all three groups.

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In the picture: EEW staff and program facilitaotrs. From right: Basma Majadla, Camelia Asad, Dganit Luks, Lydia Abud, Fairuz Barkiya Yasin, Asmahan Shbat Hitti, Ranin Shadafna and Rana Abed El Halim

Shutafot, a coalition of eight women's organizations of which EEW is a member, has been joined by eight new organizations as part of project supported by the EU. The new organizations represent a variety of women in Israel: Arab, Ultraorthodox and immigrants from Ethiopia and from the former Soviet Union. EEW's membership in this coalition represents EEW's policy to cooperate with organizations that promote social change.
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Volunteering at EEW
Several volunteers have recently joined EEW and are helping with office work, fundraising and website updating. These wonderful women bring with them much good will and we thank them with all our heart.


A computer literacy course opened in Bat Yam at the beginning of March. EEW graduates ae learning to use Office programs. Internet and email.

Mobile to Go
Our fifth business marathon, this time on the topic of running a business from a cell phone, took place on March 20th at the TLV Google campus. The participants learned how to market their businesses via Facebook and WhatsApp, learned about photo apps, cash flow management and producing digital invoices on a cell phone.

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Strategic planning
We began a process of strategic planning. Staff and board members met several times with an organizational consultant and are in process of redefining EEW's vision, goals and target population.

A site visit in Haifa
Participants in our programs in Tirat Hacarmel and Pardes Hana- Karkur visited successful EEW graduate owned businesses in the Haifa area. The business owners shared their challenges, success and changes in their life due to the decision to open a business.
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Donor Visits
Guests from the Jewish federations of Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Miami visited EEW over the past few months. They met with EEW graduates in the Galilee, Haifa and Tel Aviv at their businesses and heard personal stories and experiences from "A Business of One's own" training program. These federations have supported EEW for many years and we thank them and all our donors for making it possible for the women they visited and many other women to realize their dream. 
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Our first "A Business of One's Own" program will be opening in the city of Ramle in cooperation with the local "Maof" and "Otzma" centers.

Programs will be opening after Passover in Haifa, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion, Ma'ale Yosef and Pardes Hanna. These are in addition to the programs that have been running since the beginning of the year in Be'er Sheva, Kfar Manda and Beit Shemesh.

We will also be beginning regional business forums in Hebrew and in Arabic, financial orientation courses, site visits and culinary workshops.



 EEW's 15 Years Movie

Barbazina catering
Hikam Araide, a graduate of our program in Daliyat El Carmel (2014)
opened a catering business and recently renovated a kitchen in a unique building
that served as a school at the end of the
19th the century. The kitchen itself is also open to small groups who would like to
hear Hikam's interesting story and be inspired.
The Catering is authentic Druze food for small and large events.
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