December 2016 

A new website for EEW
We are happy to launch our new website. The website is user friendly and more accessible. The site is in three languages: Hebrew, English and Arabic and contains information about EEW for both participants and donors. The site was built thanks to the dedicated work of Maya Ein Gil and Neta Davids.

We invite you to visit our new website 

Ruti Gur Retires
Not such good news for us…Ruti Gur, one of EEW's founders retired at the end of the year. The staff said their farewells at a festive lunch where we gave Ruti a photo album of pictures from her years at EEW. Several days later we held a party for all of Ruti's friends and family, where everyone got a chance to say their goodbyes and dance the night away. 

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Hadar Katz, 2014 graduate, hosted program participants at her theraputic pool in Shtula, a Moshav at the western Galille

The EEW annual board meetings
As we do every year, the EEW board, audit committee, staff and accountants got together for our annual meeting. 2015 activities were presented, a new board and audit committee were elected and our financial report was approved.  The co-chairwomen of the board are once again Ronit Weitzman and Roni Tamari.
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Site visits
Over the past six months, we held several site visits to successful EEW graduate's businesses. Program participants and graduates had an opportunity to meet women who showed them and spoke to them about the daily running of a businesses, facing challenges and practical aspects of marketing and sales. The visits were to several clothing stores, a restaurant, a gym, an art studio, a Bed and Breakfast, a theraputic pool and more.
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 Computer and Facebook workshops
The need to make technology accessible to EEW graduates and teach the use of social media for marketing, led us to open several such programs in: Tel Aviv, Kfar Manda, Haifa and Hadera

Culinary tours and workshops
Professional workshops and study tours were held for EEW graduates with businesses in the food industry: A vegan workshop in Klil (the Galille), a tour of the  Mahane Yehuda market in Jeruslaem and of the Acco market, and cooking workshops at the "El Marsa" restaurant in Acco and "Studio Lebishul" in Tel Aviv. For pictures press here

A business forum in Lod
Graduates of past EEW programs in the area meet regularly for networking and learning on strengthening business ties, branding, marketing and more. The sessions are led by our longtime business facilitator Ronit Timsit and in cooperation with the Lod municipality.

A business marathon in Acco
After two years, our joint Jewish and Arab business incubator came to a festive conclusion at a business marathon held in November in Acco. The day focused on marketing, social media and networking. The participants will continue to receive support services from EEW over the next several years.
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In 2017 we hope to open at least 12 "A Business of One's Own" business training and personal empowerment programs throughout the country. Some will take place in existing locations and some in new locations. We are also preparing to open a group for blind women in cooperation with "The association for the blind" and working on a program for other unique populations.

The government office for social equality posted a call to advisors on the status of women in the local municipalities offering budgets for programs for women's employment. We are working with advisors throughout the country to  include "A business of one's own" in this program in 2017. 

EEW board and staff will begin the process of strategic planning next month with the assistance of an organizational advisor. The process will allow us to examine EEW programs against needs that arise from the feild and build a long-term strategy in light of our vision.



 EEW's 15 Years Movie


Olesiya Tzinam, 2016 Be'er Sheva graduate. Owner of "Flamingo": empowering women via personal styling. Olesiya teaches self-acceptance and self-love, positive body image and how to dress uniquely with minimum time and money.
She hopes to build a community of "Flamingo women": A place by and for women, learning to accept themselves as they are.
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