MAY 2016 

Our newsletter looks different, and that's just one of our exciting changes...

These past few months we have been rebranding and have made our graduates the face of our organization. They are our greatest accomplishments and we are proud to have several faces on our advertisements. Additionally, we also have the women taking part in revision of our programs while addressing needs that arise from their experience beginning and developing a small business.

We have introduced a digital customer relation management system to help operate our database and improve daily communication with our participants and graduates. EEW staff took part in a process of learning the meaning of working in a "flat" organization, led by Shahira Shalabi from Shatil. The organization’s mission evolved to emphasize a feminist perspective and the desire for a less hierarchal decision-making process.


Inas Shami, Tamara Houshan, Orly Nachmias


  Gluten free chocolate cake, blueberry-banana muffins and goat cheese filled dough, are just some of the scrumptious baked goods prepared by participants in the healthy baking workshop for graduates in the food industry. This was held on Feb. 22nd in the Culinary Hub at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv and part of our business development services offered to graduates, supported by Strauss Group Ltd. For pictures press here.



International Women's Day is always a festive day for EEW. This year we celebrated alongside other Haifa based women’s organizations. At an event hosted by the mayor's advisor on the status of women, Ms. Beatrice Rosen, graduates took part in a fair selling their products, heard a panel of businesswomen and concluded with a comedy starring actress Miki Kam.
For Pictures press here.

In our Galilee incubator, participants celebrated the day with Ayelet Ilany, one of EEW's founders and former director, by watching and discussing  the movie "My Enemy – My Partner". The movie follows a business partnership between Jewish Israeli and Palestinian business women. Our women, similarly Jewish and Arab businesswomen, took part in networking and marketing workshop allowing them to form partnerships and collaborations themselves. 

Our graduates from all of the country attended our 3rd marketing marathon on March 21st, at the TLV campus in Tel Aviv. The day included lectures and workshops on building a marketing campaign on line and also body language and networking. The event was catered by EEW graduate Lydia Akrabi, photographed by our graduate Warke Belfer, and workshop on marketing writing was run by Yemima Bismut, another graduate of business training program. For pictures from the event press here.  



A unique financial orientation and exposure to entrepreneurship for families program concluded on March 15th. The course, run in cooperation with the Beit Jan welfare department, focused on improving financial management of the home and the business. The municipality requested we return with more programs due to the success and special bond made with our facilitator and business advisor Fairuz Yassin.




Successful graduates are an important inspiration for participants in our programs, while this month Business of One's own participants from Daliyat El Carmel and Nazareth visited graduates' businesses in Kfar Yasif, Maker and Kibutz Ein Hamifratz. They met with Hind Hatim who owns a car decorating business for weddings, Sawsan Horany-Dule a children's clothing store owner, Narkis Tal who owns a gym for women and Nofar Dekel owner of "Nofar's Oven". For pictures press here.

We invite you to see pictures (press here) from the fair the women in our Be'er Sheva group held upon completing the first stage of "A Business of One's Own". The excitement was evident for these women embarking on a new journey as business owners. The energy was tangible in the two other groups that completed the first stage of the program recently: In Rishon Lezion and Lod. We are also happy to report the beginning of two new courses in Pardes Hanna- Karkur and in El'ad and courses opening shortly in Ma'ale Yosef in the Galilee.



We are always happy to host friends and donors, and over the past few months we have had the privilege to do so. In addition to meeting with EEW staff, hearing and seeing our activities, our guests had the opportunity to meet with graduates at their places of business. For example, our longtime supporters from the Jewish federation of Pittsburgh visited Narkis Tal at her gym in Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz and Tahrir Safuri at her clothing store in Shfar'am. Our new partner from the Miriam fund visited Naomi Hershcovich at her stained glass studio and Elham Issa at her flower store, both in Haifa. We were also visited by our friends at the Hadassah Foundation who have supported EEW from the beginning and visit us every year.



 Our business incubator in the Galilee continues! On May 24th we will hold a daylong seminar, also open to local businesswomen, on marketing and financial behavior with leading lecturers in the field.
On May 30th we will run two culinary workshops and visits. One will take place in Klil in the Galilee focusing on herbs and vegan cooking, while in Jerusalem, the participants will tour the market of "Mahane Yehuda" and learn various cooking techniques from numerous cultures.

Upcoming events and activities: Study tours for ‘Business of One's Own’ participants and graduates in Central Israel, computer courses and social media seminars both in Central and Northern Israel and a new business forum in the Arab city of Um El Fahem.



 A Short Movie About Us


Sawsan Horany-Dule, a mother of two, lives in Acco and owns "Magdalena Style", a children's clothing store in village of Maker.
Sawsan is part of ‘A Business of One's Own’ in Acco and is learning how to expand and develop her business in new and innovative ways. We invite you to visit her FACEBOOK PAGE


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