January 2016
Happy New Year 


"The art of sometimes being very careful and sometimes being very bold is the art of success".
EEW staff, with the support of the board of directors and cooperation of our professional facilitators, stands before this quote, as we welcome 2016, and implement the mini-strategic planning we have undergone over the past few months.The four topics we focused on were: New fundraising strategies; reexamination of our programs in light of growing competition and adding new "products"; developing a branding concept and expanding our level of exposure; and moving into a less hierarchal organizational structure. The results should become apparent soon in our work.

Our evaluation research report from August 2015 shows that 40% of our participants have an active business by the end of "business of one's own". Despite the disappointment of only 4% of small business owners being women in Israel, We take pride in the fact that the survival rate of our graduates businesses after five years is 71%. The average household income of our graduates with businesses has doubled itself in five years and so has profit from businesses. The 20% drop in women under the poverty line after five years is also evidence the important role of our programs in the fight against poverty.

Expanding our partnerships with organizations that share our goals is part of our daily work that I share with our coordinators in the field. To this we will soon be adding an advanced CRM system that will enable us to upgrade data collection for our evaluation research.
Dealing with life changing activities such as ours, requires us to encourage women to define clear goals and to combine boldness, caution and professionalism, on their way to achieving these goals and reaching economic independence successfully.

Thank you all for your cooperation and outstanding work
Dganit Luks
Director of programs and business development

Our "Business of One's own" business training program is very much in demand from many partners. In January six programs will open: Acco, Kfar Manda, Haifa, Elad, Beit Shemesh and Bat Yam. The groups in Rishon Lezion and in Lod will graduate from stage one of the program, and in a festive event the participants will present their businesses and products. They will continue to the second stage of the program and receive small group consolations and assistance developing their business.

In 2016 we will hold a series of workshops for EEW graduates on computer related issues. Every businesswomen must possess knowledge of basic computer skills and use of mail and social media platforms. Our first workshop will open in south Tel Aviv this month, in cooperation with Microfi, on "marketing microenterprises via social media" focusing on Facebook. In the near future we will be opening a workshops on the uses of Office.

A regional business forum will open in the center of the country for business of one's own graduates in the area. The business women will meet once a month for lectures, networking and peer teaching, all aimed at developing their businesses.

In October and December we held two marketing marathons for EEW graduates and local business women. The first one took place in Tel Aviv and the second at the Western Galilee College as part of our local business incubator. The marathons included workshops on the use of Office programs for marketing, use of e-mail programs by "Rav Meser", use of Facebook, and our traditional networking workshop. The participants heard  lectures from successful EEW graduates: in Tel Aviv Nava Talpir owner of "Bordo" a chain of plus size clothing stores, and in The north Mirvat Maroon owner of "Marry Ann", a gift and flower store in Gush Halav. The northern marathon was visited by our valued partners from the Gilbert Family Foundation who had the opportunity to see this important project for both Jewish and Arab business women.
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After two year, our business incubator in Abu gosh ended in November. The incubator was supported by the Cherie Blair Foundation and was run by Suheir Zaatre with the help of Maisun Karaman and Basma Majadla. Before receiving certificates, the incubator participants visited successful businesses in the north, and heard from EEW graduates about their businesses and the help provided by EEW. The women visited Fatan Sabach at her beauty Salon "Jawan" in Shfaram, and Fadiya Daood at her restaurant "El Tarwika" in Kfar yasif.

Gradates of Business of One's own from Arabee, Shfaram and Hurfeish visited successful businesses owned by EEW graduates who spoke to the women about the ups and downs of running a business, and offered their insights for success. They began by visiting Tachrir Safuri at her clothing store "Madam Fashion" in Shfar'am, then visited Abir Najami at her jewelry and purse store in Ablin. The tour concluded at the "Shloshet Ha'arazim" restaurant owned by Sahara Sharaf in Hurfeish. Amal Abed Elahalak and Iman Kuduch also shred their experiences running a business.

Dganit Luks, EEW's director of programs and business development, took part in a discussion on women and business at a meeting of the committee for the status of women and gender equality in the Knesset. We continue to advance policy change as part of the coalition of womens organizations EEW is a part of "Shutafot". This year's work plan includes: encouraging women to open businesses, giving preference to small businesses owned by women in government tenders, removing obstacles faced by women business owners such as difficultly on receiving credit from banks, taxation on child care related expenses and more.


Our healthy cooking project for EEW graduates with businesses in the food industry will continue in 2016. The project is supported by the Strauss group ltd and includes visits and workshops that enable the women to learn about healthy cooking trends that can help them expand their clientele.

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EEW takes pride in its partnerships and collaborations with local municipalities and organizations. These past few months we have opened programs in Tel Aviv in cooperation with Microfi in Nazareth in cooperation with MAOF and in Be'er Sheva in cooperation with the local startup center. We also began "savings for the future"  financial orientation courses in  Beit Jan and in Arabee, both in cooperation with the local municipalities. 



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Narkis, married +2, a graduate of "business of one's own" in the Western Galilee owns a gym for women in Kibutz Ein Hamifratz.
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